My dolls – Lillibelle

Name: Lillibelle
Fairyland PukiPuki Ante NS
Faceup: Default
Eyes: Handmade urethane blue glitter with blue zircon Swarovski crystals
Wig: Unknown Japanese brand
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: September 11, 2013

Lillibelle was my second unplanned doll. I received her as a surprise gift from my parents after I visited a doll shop with my mother and fell in love with their display of tiny dolls.

She is the only one of my dolls who does not have a story, but since she is so small, her box fits easily in my bag. As a result, she spends a lot of time with me, from shopping trips to travel and just sitting around the house while I work. I imagine her as a fairy, since she is so much smaller than my other dolls. She is small enough to sit in Rune’s hand.

I am her first owner. She was purchased from Denver Doll Emporium, who had her in stock. As result, I am unsure of when she was actually made.

I began a project to create a fairy-like dollhouse for her, but it is yet unfinished.

Favorite photo