My dolls – Vahnil

Name: Vahnil
Iplehouse SID Claude NS
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Ersa Flora 12mm acrylic, Natural Blue
Wig: Handcrafted by me
Mods: Half-elven slight point added to ears
Date of Arrival: October 15, 2011

Vahn was my first impulse purchase. When Iplehouse released the Elemental Guardians promo images, I immediately thought of the character and realized I wanted to add him to my collection. He was also my first and only doll purchased on layaway.

One of the major characters in my fantasy series, he is the son of Ilmenhith’s Captain of the Guard, and serves as part of the guard himself. Though well-educated, he claims to feel ill at ease among his noble peers, preferring the companionship of his fellow guardsmen. He also carries a bit of an ill reputation as a skirt-chaser and troublemaker.

The doll was purchased direct from Iplehouse and I am his first owner.

Despite seeing little use and spending most of his time put away, he has developed a crack in one eyelid that will eventually need to be repaired.

From the time he was created, he’s always had blue eyes, but since learning to make my own urethane eyes, I’ve taken a liking to him with gray eyes and may change the color of his eyes in the book as well.

Favorite photo