Snakesblood Saga

Books In Series

Serpent’s Mark
Serpent’s Tears
Serpent’s Bane
Serpent’s Wake
Serpent’s Crown
Serpent’s Blood

Book One: Serpent’s Mark

Serpent's Mark by Beth AlvarezA girl without a family. A monster who craves humanity. An alliance could bring the kingdom to its knees.

The fate of Firal’s missing parents has always been a mystery, but her mother’s necklace—the royal crest given to all court mages—could provide the answer. After a lifetime of training, a single trip to the capital could give Firal everything she ever wanted. All she has to do is cross the treacherous ruins of an ancient maze to get there.

But the ruins are forbidden for a reason. Exiled to the labyrinth for the scales and claws his wild magic gave him, Daemon could find freedom if he could only gain control of his power. His chance encounter with Firal changes everything. In exchange for safe passage, she can teach the control he so desperately needs. Sharing temple secrets could get her expelled. His reckless nature could get her killed. With her window of opportunity to meet with the court mages drawing closed, Firal is forced to make a choice—but with secrets lurking behind Daemon’s exile and hatred fueling his motives, their alliance could cost her more than she ever believed possible.

The Snakesblood Saga is an epic fantasy adventure filled with intrigue, love, lies, and betrayal, beginning with the award-winning Serpent’s Mark, book one of a six book series.

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Book Two: Serpent’s Tears

Serpent's Tears by Beth Alvarez

Monster. Soldier. Mage. Who is Daemon?

After the shreds of everything Firal has ever known are torn from her grasp, she’s left with no one to turn to but the enemy she swore she’d never see again.

Though Daemon hasn’t forgotten her betrayal, his people offer shelter and hope as the surface world fragments around them. As they work to re-forge their bond and establish new boundaries, Firal is forced to grapple with the depth of Daemon’s political aspirations and deceit. And when the truth of his identity finally comes to the surface, Firal is pressed with choices harder than anything she’s ever faced. With all his secrets in the open, can she bring herself to stand behind his cause? Or will the weight of his ambition crush her, too?

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Book Three: Serpent’s Bane

Serpent's Bane by Beth AlvarezA woman forced to claim the throne. A man forced to flee it in exile.

Driven from his home by the war he couldn’t tame, Rune finds himself faced with two choices: serve the foreign land he’s imprisoned in, or die in arena combat. Desperate to return to the island’s aid, he’s willing to fight his fate until an unexpected ally promises the one thing Rune desires most—the chance to finally lift his curse.

As the fractures in Kirban Temple begin to heal, the promise of unity brings a new threat and draws simmering tensions to a new eruption. Without the Underling king at her side to quell it, Firal is forced to act alone—and fight the countless hands that pull the strings in effort to steal control of the island.

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Book Four: Serpent’s Wake

Serpent's Wake by Beth AlvarezMagic could save them, or it could destroy them all.

Without his power, Rune is nothing. Stripped of his magic by the mages he trusted, the army in Aldaan is left outmatched and surrounded by the enemy. Only one thing lets him sustain hope: the promise of returning home.

But Elenhiise fares no better. As riots erupt in the capital city, Firal must balance her control over the city with her newfound power over their long-time enemy. Bringing them together means triumph over starvation, but unity comes with a heavy price. Which dreams must be sacrificed in the name of peace?

While strife rocks the island, the Archmage’s health begins to fail. He’s forced to name his successor, knowing the choice he makes holds the power to save magic—or completely destroy it.

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Book Five: Serpent’s Crown

Serpent's Crown coverThe Archmage will not be denied, and neither will the crown.

The alliance Firal forged with the Triad brought stability to Elenhiise, but peace cannot last while her mother still lives. Now, with Envesi’s return to the island, the life of Firal’s child hangs in the balance—and the only thing that can save her is a free mage.

When Rune is forced to return from exile, he’s told there are only two possible outcomes—he must face the corrupted Archmage and save the queen’s daughter, or else hang for the murder of the Eldani king. But Elenhiise is his homeland, and the ties he still carries present a third option: seize the crown that should have been his.

As whispers of sedition begin to take root, Firal struggles to maintain control of the island and its mages as she searches for her stolen child… and for traitors in her own court.

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Book Six: Serpent’s Blood

Serpent's Blood by Beth AlvarezAs the mad Archmage pushes to expand her authority, refusal of her terms means death.

Resistance was a mistake. Forced to flee Elenhiise or become the Archmage’s next casualty, Firal and her few trusted friends become refugees in the Triad, where the Royal City braces for a magical attack even it cannot hope to meet head on.

Envesi’s price for peace doesn’t seem high, but granting the Archmage unfettered power could doom them all. With little power and few choices remaining, Rune leverages every ounce of favor he’s gained for one last chance. To save his people, a trade could be made: Instead of the kingdom, his life.

The Snakesblood Saga is a complete epic fantasy adventure filled with intrigue, love, lies, and betrayal, beginning with Serpent’s Mark, book one of a six book series.

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