Tea review: IKEA Egentid herbal tea with peppermint and cocoa

I love mint chocolate. It’s one of my things. As a result, when we headed to IKEA for some household goodies during my birthday week all the way back in January, my husband decided to sneak a bag of their tea into the cart.

IKEA Egentid peppermint and cocoa

So it’s technically not a tea–it’s an herbal infusion, but let’s be real. Most of us call herbal blends tea, anyway. Maybe that’s just a failing of the English language. Regardless, I wasn’t super sure what to expect of this blend because for all that it said peppermint and cocoa, it didn’t really smell like either. A hint of a chocolatey smell did emerge while it was steeping. But how does it taste?


That shouldn’t have been unexpected, considering it said peppermint on the label, but the mint was unnoticeable in the fragrance and I thought it would be more subdued. Instead, the mint is front and center in the flavor, followed by a hint of fruity flavor and topped off with just the tiniest hint of cocoa. Though I wish the cocoa flavor were more prevalent, the blend isn’t unpleasant, and the sweet fruit aftertaste is interesting.

This blend carries its own natural sweetness, but I found that adding just a tiny bit of rock sugar helped emphasize the chocolatey flavor of those cocoa nibs that I was really wanting to taste. Upon further experimentation, I found adding a bit of milk helped subdue the peppermint just a bit and really let those cocoa and fruit flavors come out to play. Of the ways I sampled it, all tasted good, but I think having it with just a hint of sugar and milk was my favorite–or at least, it was what best hit the spot for what I wanted to drink.

Although it’s a very pleasant blend, I feel like I missed the window for the combination of minty coolness and warm tea, so I’ll probably put this treat away for the warmer months and bring it back in the fall, when I’m ready for this again. It’ll be a great addition to my Christmas tea lineup. Overall, I think it’s pretty nice.

Should I try some of the other Egentid blends?

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