Cover Reveal: Westkings Heist box set and omnibus

In less than two weeks, the whole Westkings Heist series will be available in a new format. With the first two books being novellas, doing print editions wasn’t cost-effective, but now that the series is done? Oh yeah.

The complete Westkings Heist omnibus will be released on January 16, bundling the three books together with two bonus short stories, and it’ll be available in print!

Westkings Heist Omnibus Cover

The print version will be a single omnibus edition, one big, fat book with all the stories inside it.  I’d considered doing individual novella releases in paperback, but it didn’t seem very efficient or cost-effective for readers, so a single-volume omnibus makes more sense.

While I really wish I could do a true box set someday, with print versions tucked inside a slip case, the only way to get slip cases made is to have a huge print run manufactured–and I’m not there just yet. Maybe someday, though.

Last of all, a couple people have asked if there will be more adventures for Tahl now that the trilogy has wrapped up.  The less-than-satisfactory answer I have right now is: probably. When they’ll happen or what they’ll be about, I can’t say, though if you’ve read all 3 books, you probably know the direction the series can take from where it ends. The heists are a very complete trilogy, so if anything else comes next, it would have to be a whole new series under a new name, but I’m very open to seeing where the story might take me from here on out.

In the meantime, I have stickers to make, because what’s a book release from me without bonus stickers?

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