The other goals for 2021

I already shared my writing goals at the end of December, but mentioned I had some other goals, too. While getting books out is definitely my #1 goal, there are two other big categories for things I want to achieve:

1: I want to work on improving the quality of content I offer, and
2: I want to continue to improve our home and quality of life.

I’m already taking steps toward the first one, there–I recently upgraded my overhead camera mount so I can film better videos and work with better lighting, which will improve my visual quality. I’m also working to incorporate more viewer feedback so I know the things I’m sharing are the things people want to see from me. Even though my YouTube adventures have always been more hobby-oriented than book-oriented, I feel like it’s an important way for me to connect with communities I care about, and since my dolls are all characters from my books, they’re sort of tangentially connected, anyway.

I also plan to start using my author Instagram page a little more regularly, sharing pretty book spreads, shots of my planners, cover and character artwork, and quotes from my various stories. If you’re interested, you can follow me over there @bethalvarezauthor and share your thoughts!

This goal also extends to learning to better my craft as an author, and while I haven’t yet determined how I’ll continue to improve (I’m starting to run out of books on the craft of writing…) I know it’s important for me to keep at it, so I’ll find something to study and work on, for sure.

The second goal I mentioned is a little more broad. It means continuing to work on improving my health, hopefully learning to like exercise, and tackling home improvement projects until the end of time. There’s still painting to be done, coming up on two years after we moved in, and we’re about ready to tear out the carpeting in the master bedroom and bathroom (ick!) to replace it with laminate and tile. That’s probably the biggest of the projects ahead of us, but I’m hoping to have it finished before the end of summer. Other possibilities are building a retaining wall in the back yard and laying stone for a new patio, but we’ll see how far we get–sometimes doing flooring is challenge enough.

I hope to do a better job of sharing those projects along the way too, but we’ll see–I’m hesitant to make big goals after how 2020 turned out…

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