The Westkings Heist Omnibus is now available!

Westkings Heist Omnibus CoverThree books. Three heists. One unexpected adventure.

The Westkings Heist adventure trilogy follows Tahl, the legendary Ghost of Orrad, on his rise to fame… or infamy. Now, the complete series is bundled together for the first time, including two exclusive bonus short stories.

Safety. Wealth. Respect. Tahl wants nothing else.

Uncertainty. Poverty. Scorn. After being expelled from the Mage Academy, these are all he has.

The thieves guild, ruled by a hidden master, offers everything he craves: Security, power, and prestige. But they want fame, not a nobody like Tahl.

He’s determined to prove them wrong. All he needs is one night. One heist. One chance to prove his worth.
After all, impossible feats are how legends are born.

Without chaos, Orrad can’t have a hero.

After the impossible heist that put ex-mage Tahl on the map and put the name of the Ghost on the lips of everyone in Orrad, he disappeared. Without a guild to keep thieves organized, the city is consumed by fear, and a never-ending stream of false Ghosts swing from the gallows.

Determined to draw a new guild from the ashes of Bahar Eseri’s empire, Tahl plans to stage his return at the height of the city’s unrest. To prove his identity and claim to the name of Ghost, he must pull off the greatest heist the Westkings have ever known—again.

His target?
The emperor himself.

If a single thing goes wrong, this heist could be his last.

Even thieves have loyalties, so when Tahl—the legendary Ghost of Orrad—discovers someone has been stealing from the sweet old woman who once offered him shelter, he’s determined to set things right.

When his personal mission leads to an accidental kidnapping, it draws the attention of Orrad’s queen, who has an interesting proposition: a job for the Ghost. Tahl knows it could be a trap, but with a reward that rivals a king’s ransom, it might be worth the risk—or it might just get him killed.

…plus the short stories Never Gone and Don’t Steal from Demons.
The adventure awaits.

Click here to get your copy now–available as a digital box set, or a single-volume omnibus paperback.

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