Tea review: Adagio Cream

It feels like I’m running behind on everything, lately, so it’s not much of a surprise that I haven’t had time to sit and savor a cup of new tea for a while. As a result, I’m still working my way through some I got last year and still haven’t tried. This was one of them–Adagio’s cream tea.

Adagio cream tea

I’ve noticed a lot of blends I’ve gotten use this tea as one of the elements. It’s pretty simple; black tea with added cream flavoring. It’s sweeter than plain black tea, but it’s understated, and the flavor of cream turns out not to mean much without the weight of actual cream in the drink.

It was pleasant enough to drink it straight, but it wasn’t particularly noteworthy with sugar or milk added. My daughter enjoyed it enough that we had a nice tea party using my Sailor Moon cups she’s in love with. I could see it being a pleasant enough replacement for black teas when you want something sweeter, but mostly, I came to understand the virtue of it as a base for custom blends. It wasn’t bad, but as I sipped, I found myself daydreaming about how good it would be if I mixed it with a berry herbal blend I have hidden away in my cabinet. With that in mind, I understand why it’s so popular as a part of fandom blends.

Next time, I’ll add a bit of that berry herbal and see what happens. I suspect it’ll be something good.

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