Chance encounter (doll photos)

After I shared the process of making Rune’s head, I was ruminating on how I didn’t have any of my various doll photos where people could see them, aside from sharing them on Instagram. That’s fine, and kinda what the platform is for, but sometimes I think back to the hazards of outposting–putting your work places other than your own space where you control it–and I decided that whenever I take photo sets that are related to my stories, I’d put them here, too.

This one was one of the photo sessions I’d always looked forward to, when I decided to try to make doll versions of my story characters: something to portray Firal’s exploration of the ruins outside Kirban Temple, and one of her encounters with Daemon… which, when it happens in Serpent’s Mark, ultimately changes the whole course of both their lives.

These photos were taken long before I got that head done, but since he has his mask, it doesn’t really matter. For anyone who might be curious about where they came from, Firal is a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe, and Daemon (later known as Rune!) is an Iplehouse EID that has been heavily customized and hybridized with Soom Monzo leg parts. At the time these were taken, he was still a modified Luo head sculpt, but that version has been officially retired.

Usually, when I share them on Instagram, I try to include tidbits about the world building, or snippets from the books. I may go more in-depth when I post pics here in the future, but for now, here’s what I’d originally written for Instagram when the first set went up:

The ruins outside the temple are forbidden, haunted by folklore and legend. But Firal is a skeptic and sees no reason they should be off limits. They’re just legends, aren’t they?
The ruins are her sanctuary and her hobby, and she keeps her maps of the labyrinth hidden in her room. Her friends don’t approve of her exploration, but they keep her secrets. She’s not like them—the temple is all she’s ever known. Who could blame her for venturing just outside the temple grounds when she’s longing for some peace and quiet?

Firal in the ruins

I had many more photos from this session, but I think that’s enough for now…

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