Artisan Magic

Book One: The Assassin’s Bride

A meeting with the king was supposed to fix the trouble Thea’s family left behind. Instead, she witnessed his death.

As the one person granted entry to the throne room, she’s now implicated in his murder. The assassin who killed him can help her escape the gallows… for a price.

After all, Thea’s no simple seamstress. As a Threadmancer, she can sew power into garments—including forbidden illusory magic that could allow the king’s alarmingly charming killer to escape forever.

In return for his aid, Gil asks for nothing but these illusions. But as they flee under the guise of being newlyweds, Thea realizes the motives behind his actions may be darker than anything she ever imagined, and two problems come to light:
No matter how dangerous the truth is, she’s not afraid of him… and she might be falling in love.

The Assassin’s Bride is a sweet high fantasy romance that delivers a whole story with a happily-ever-after ending on its own. While generally clean, it is a story about an assassin and contains action and violence on a level similar to the Lord of the Rings films.

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Will there be more books?

Maybe! It depends on how much you like this one.

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