Doll Information: Arrios

Name: Arrios
Iplehouse SID Omar Light Brown
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Ersa Flora 12mm Natural Blue
Wig: Dyed alpaca fiber, handcrafted by me
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: December 17, 2015
Character is from: Yet unwritten novel, same as Laele

About the Doll

Arrios was purchased directly from Iplehouse and I am his first owner. He came with the updated SID hands and feet and was purchased with mobility thigh joints. His head was roughly finished, with lots of flash remaining in the eyes that had to be carefully cut out. As the light brown resin photographs much lighter than it appears in person, I was initially startled by the color and wasn’t sure I liked it. After I did his faceup, however, he quickly became a much-loved doll.

As the character is a bit of a vagabond, his clothing has been especially fun to sew, as it gives me the opportunity to blend a lot of different cultural styles into one outfit and also develop them into interesting fantasy garment styles.

Future plans for the doll include a wide wardrobe and body blushing.

About the Character

Arrios is the only one of my dolls representing a character who doesn’t belong to me. Instead he belongs to my husband, and I just sort of stole him. The character will appear in a novel that’s still in the planning stages, but he also stars in my husband’s work-in-progress dark fantasy horror comic, Ever Skyward.

In both of our versions of the character, though, he’s consumed by wanderlust and a desire to see something greater than the world he’s born to. He shows early signs of being a mage, but his power does not become accessible until much later. He is skilled in combat using knives, and his ability as an explorer makes him an ideal guide for Laele as she pursues her own secretive quest.

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