Doll Information: Laele

Name: Laele
Iplehouse nYID Aria NS
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Handmade 14mm urethane, green-gold
Wig: Monique Gold
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: December 17, 2015
Character is from: Yet unwritten novel, same as Arrios

About the Doll

Laele was originally shelled as a Zaoll Luv who I received from a friend as a gift, but the doll was too small to fit with the rest of my collection. She was re-shelled into an SID Aria on the nYID body to make her a better fit. The face sculpt bears a bit of resemblance to the Zaoll Luv sculpt, which made it an easy transition.

She was purchased directly from Iplehouse and I am her first owner. She was ordered with normal thigh pieces and a large bust piece. She’s particularly fun to sew for, as her wardrobe tends to be bright and fun.

About the Character

Laele’s character is the daughter of a spice merchant. She studies to become an alchemist, which led to an accident that permanently changed the color of her hair. She  appeared in several of the writing prompts I wrote in 2015, which can be found in the Short Stories archive.

I was under the impression that I made her name up by myself, but years later, I discovered it was a real name. Hers is pronounced differently, however, and should be read as “Lay-lee.”

Laele is a sweet, happy-go-lucky girl whose cheery attitude and fondness for simplicity often makes her come across as a little ditzy. While she can be a little scatterbrained, she’s well-educated and a competent potion-maker… although her hair was turned permanently green due to an alchemical accident early in her career.

Favorite Photos