Doll Information: Pansy

Name: Pansy
Jun Planning Ai Lupinus
Faceup: Default
Eyes: Default
Wig: Default
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: I honestly can’t remember on this one.
Character is from: No story

About the Doll

Pansy was a gift from my very dear and long-time friend Manda. Since I didn’t purchase her myself, I don’t have a record of when she arrived, but I am pretty sure it was after the start of my YouTube channel and before we moved, so that would make it some time in 2017 or 2018.

She’s another one of the rare dolls that has had nothing done to alter her. She’s cute just the way she is, and that she has only a sleeping face forces me to be creative in photo-taking. She is the only one of my BJDs to be made of ABS instead of resin. Some people don’t consider them to be proper BJDs because of that, but it seems silly to me since she’s constructed and strung just like any of my other ball-jointed dolls.

About the Character

Pansy does not have a story, exactly, but as a character, she is the elder sister of Lillibelle, my PukiPuki Ante. Pansy is a flower fairy, meaning her strength is in nature and gardening.

Favorite Photos