List of My Ball-Jointed Dolls

This page became so hideously outdated that I decided to take it down for now. Here’s a basic list of the dolls I have currently–I’ll update it with recent photos eventually.

Rune: Custom head sculpt made by me, on hybrid Iplehouse EID/Soom Monzo body with custom hands
Firal: Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe
Vahn: Iplehouse SID Claude with elf ear mods
Lulu: Fairyland Littlefee Chloe with elf ear mods
Rhyllyn: LaTiDoll Rei Cristopher on hybrid Myou body with ResinSoul Sui legs and custom arms/hands
Kytenia: Fairyland Feeple65 Siean
Lumia: Impldoll Lydia
Envesi: Souldoll Paratiisi on FantasyDoll body
Rikka: Feeple65 Dreaming Rin

Little Rune: Fairyland Minifee Seorin on Soom Ralis body
Little Firal/Big Lulu: Fairyland Minifee Chloe with elf ear mods

Laele: Iplehouse nYID Aria
Arrios: Iplehouse SID Omar

Lillibelle: Fairyland PukiPuki Ante
Pansy: Jun Planning Ai

Tahl: Incoming WIP
Garam: Iplehouse EID model WIP