Other Works

A list of all works that don’t fit into a running series.

Gale's Gift by Beth AlvarezGale’s Gift
A free novella available to read right here on my website.
Adventure isn’t high on the list of things Morghram is looking for, but Eona’s promise of rich rewards could change his life, restoring the comfortable lifestyle stolen by the wartime injury that forced him to forsake his career. Though tired and past his prime, his sword is king’s steel, and the scars on his body prove his skill was hard won. Together, they may just stand a chance.
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Of Blood and Rain by Beth AlvarezOf Blood and Rain
Until the riddle is answered, the curse will grow. If Aryina can’t unravel the puzzle and break the curse before their water supply runs out, then all that’s left of Strale–and the reputation of the legendary Knights of Sonus–will crumble like the desert earth.
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