Snakesblood Saga – Glossary

Warning! This section contains spoilers for the first book.

Affinity – One’s natural inclination in magic. There are five major affinities: Earth, water, fire, wind, and life. These provide the primary source of power a mage can draw from and manipulate. While there are smaller subcategories Affinities may fall into, granting specific talents in narrow fields, they are generally related to one of the five and, as result, only the five major Affinities are recognized.

Alira – (uh-LEER-ah) – Master of the House of Fire.

Alwhen – (OWL-when) – The capital of the eastern half of Elenhiise island, a region known as the Giftless Lands.

Anaide – (uh-NAYD) – Master of the House of Water.

Archmage – The leader of Kirban Temple, generally recognized as the leader of all mages.

Core – An underground city beneath the ruins, home of the Underlings.

Daemon – (DAY-mun) – An Underling soldier. His tainted magic has twisted his body into a monstrous form.

Edagan – (ED-ah-gan) – Master of the House of Earth.

Eldani – (ell-DAN-ee) – The only inhabitants of Ithilear who are known to be Gifted. Eldani are long-lived, due to their magic, and differ from men only in their pointed ears. Diluted bloodlines are recognized by the reduced point of an Eldani’s ear, which directly corresponds with their prowess as a mage.

Elenhiise – (ELL-en-heese) – A small island in the middle of the Lantaaran sea, generally used as a waypoint in trade between the region’s northern and southern continents. The island is ruled by two factions, the Gifted Eldani and Giftless men.

Envesi – (in-VESS-see) – The Archmage of Kirban Temple.

Firal – (fur-ALL) – A green-rank mageling at Kirban temple.

Flows – The natural ebb and flow of magic, which mages are able to seize and manipulate.

Gift – The ability to use magic.

House – A subsection of mages, ruled by a particular Affinity. Mages within the House of Healing, Fire, etc. may take classes together, but their education is overseen by the Master of their House.

Ileara – (ill-ee-ARE-ah) – The second moon. The smaller of the two, Ileara is known as The Mother and is stationary in the sky. As it is only visible in the far western regions of the known world, such as the Westkings and the Chains of Raeldan, some residents of Elenhiise and the other eastern regions do not believe Ileara exists.

Ilmenhith – (ill-men-HITH) – The capital of the western half of Elenhiise island, which is under Eldani control.

Ithi – (ith-EE) – The first moon. The larger of the two, Ithi is known as The Soldier and circles Ithilear once per day. The thirteen months of the year are framed around Ithi’s phases; its cycle is 28 days.

Ithilear – (ith-ILL-ee-arr) – The world. The name is derived from the two moons, Ithi and Ileara. In folklore, the moons are lovers. Ithi ventures forth to patrol and protect their child, Ithilear, while Ileara remains in one place to provide a stable home.

Kifel – (kiff-EL) – Full name Kifelethelas Penedhionn. The Eldani king and ruler of the western half of Elenhiise island.

Kirban Temple – (KER-ban) – Founded by Archmage Envesi, Kirban Temple is the only school of magecraft on Elenhiise Island. A prestigious college sponsored by the Eldani crown and located near the southern edge of the ruins.

Kytenia – (KIT-ten-eeah) – A yellow-rank mageling at Kirban Temple and Firal’s best friend.

Lumia – (loo-MEE-ah) – Queen of the Underlings.

Mageling – A mage in training. Magelings are divided into five ranks before they graduate to Master and wear robes in corresponding colors. The five ranks are gray, lavender, yellow, green, and blue.

Marreli – (mah-RELL-ee) – A gray-rank mageling at Kirban Temple. One of Firal’s friends.

Master – A mage recognized as skilled enough to wield magic without supervision. Masters outside the temple act as healers, scholars, and are in charge of scouting Gifted children to send for training. Masters who remain within the temple are generally teachers. Master mages are the only mages allowed to wear white. Court Masters and Masters of an Affinity mark their eyes with black ink to distinguish their rank.

Medreal – (mee-dree-al) – King Kifel’s stewardess.

Melora – (mel-LOR-ah) – Master of the House of Wind.

Nondar – (non-DAR) – Master of the House of Healing, also known as the House of Life. Nondar is one of few recognized half-Eldani Masters and is unparalleled as a medic.

Ran – Full name Lomithrandel. A blue-rank mageling at Kirban temple and the only part-time student allowed. He considers Firal a friend, while she considers him a nuisance.

Relythes – (rell-uh-THEEZ) – The Giftless King, ruler of Alwhen and the eastern half of Elenhiise island.

Rikka – (RIK-kuh) – A yellow-rank mageling at Kirban Temple. One of Firal’s friends.

Ruins – A sprawling labyrinth in the center of the island. The ruins fall entirely on Eldani lands.

Shymin – (SHY-min) – A green-rank mageling at Kirban Temple. One of Firal’s friends and Kytenia’s elder sister.

Tren – Full name Tren Achos. Lumia’s general.

Underlings – A Giftless people driven into the ruins by war, rumored to be monsters and believed to be legend.

Vahn – Full name Vahnil Tanrys. A low-ranking soldier in Ilmenhith’s military