Snakesblood Saga

The Snakesblood Saga is an upcoming 6-book epic fantasy series. The first book, Serpent’s Mark, is slated for release in March 2020.

Book One: Serpent’s Mark

Unlike most children left to train with the mages of Kirban Temple, Firal’s parents never returned. Without even knowing their names, she’s devoted her life to finding them. Her mother’s necklace—the royal crest given to all court mages—points her toward the capital city for answers. When the mages are invited to the capital for the summer solstice celebrations for the first time in memory, she’s finally offered the chance to learn her parents’ fate.

All she has to do is cross the treacherous ruins of an ancient maze to get there.

The ruins are forbidden for a reason. For wild mages, power comes at the cost of humanity. Rejected for the scales and claws his uncontrollable magic gave him, Daemon finds solace with the Underlings: magicless people driven into the labyrinth by the feuding kingdoms beyond the maze. Harnessing his hate for the surface world, the Underling queen seeks to overthrow the mages’ king and restore freedom to their people—only Daemon’s inability to control his power stands in their way.

His chance encounter with Firal changes everything. Teaching him temple secrets could get her expelled. His reckless nature could get her killed. But only the most powerful mages are allowed into the king’s court and, as a lowly green-rank mage, Firal may never have another chance to enter the palace.  In exchange for safe passage, she can teach the control of his power he so desperately needs—but she also offers a connection to the mages who could cleanse his corrupted power, leaving him torn between two choices: reconcile with the mages and regain his humanity, or destroy them to liberate his people.

Serpent’s Mark will be released in March of 2020.

Books In Series

Serpent’s Mark (Coming March 2020)
Serpent’s Tears (Coming May 2020)
Book 3 release date TBD
Book 4 release date TBD
Book 5 release date TBD
Book 6 release date TBD

Companion Material

The Ithilean calendar, including a few notes on timekeeping, traditions, and holidays, and list of important dates.

The Art Gallery, featuring illustrations of characters, landscapes, and world maps.

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