Spectrum Legacy – Glossary

Warning! This section contains spoilers for the first book.

Addare – (uh-dare) – An oasis city on the western coast of Amroch.

Amroch – (AM-roke) – The Allied Kingdoms ruled by King Sendassian. Originally a number of smaller kingdoms, unified as an empire for defense purposes.

Amrochan – (am-ROW-kan) – The capital city of Amroch.

Andriun – (AN-dree-un) – The Desheni Shaman’s son.

Aren – A soldier stationed at the garrison outside Kolmar. Friend of Zaide and Resia.

Beshnai – (besh-NIGH) – An isolated city on the northern coast of Amroch.

Broken-born – People born in the western kingdoms destroyed by Gadranus. Many seek refuge in Amroch, but face difficulty integrating due to their history in the war.

Bugrak – (BUG-rack) – Small, flat-faced and ugly gray creatures. Hunt in packs and use primitive weapons.

Captured Spring – One of the three artifacts. A vial that contains a self-replenishing healing tonic.

Chithal – (chee-thal) – A large port city and trade hub

Dasienna – (das-EE-en-uh) – The princess. King Sendassian’s daughter.

Desheni – (duh-SHEN-nee) – A settlement named after the race of aquatic people who live there. The Desheni people bear bluetinged skin, fin-like ears, webbed fingers, and gills on their necks.

Elder – Kolmar’s chief overseer and most skilled mage. Zaide and Resia’s mentor. Also known as the Paragon of Forest.

Elsanna – (el-san-nuh) – Chief of the Magister’s guardswomen.

Estkel – (est-KELL) – A marshy city at the edge of the Ellean Sea.

Gadranus – (guh-DRA-nuss) – Breaker of the Shattered Lands, leader of the army that threatens to destroy Amroch. According to legend, he has been cursed to be reborn a thousand times as a punishment for his misdeeds.

Ganede – (gan-NEED) – Jadora’s sister city. A port of trade on one of the peninsulas that frame the Ellean Sea.

Goborrin – (guh-BOR-rin) – Bipedal man-like monsters with pig-like faces and tusks. The smallest of the goborrins are the size of an adult man.

Jadora – (jah-DOR-ah) – Ganede’s sister city. Referred to as The Watcher. A fortress atop a desert plateau.

Kolmar – (coal-mar) – A small forest village in the southwestern region of Amroch.

Lark – The name Dasienna uses while traveling to protect her identity.

Magister – The leader of the fortress city of Jadora. Also known as the Paragon of Fire.

Molten Dagger – One of the three artifacts. An obsidian dagger that appears to have veins of magma trapped within it. Contains fire magic.

Murk – A soldier from the garrison outside Kolmar.

Paragons – Leaders entrusted with the protection of the three magic artifacts.

Parral – (puh-rawl) – A port city at the southernmost tip of Amroch.

Plain – A soldier from the garrison outside Kolmar.

Raddan – A lieutenant and medic in Amroch’s army. Stationed at the garrison outside Kolmar.

Resia – (ree-see-uh) – Zaide’s foster sister and the Elder’s preferred apprentice. Bears a strong magical bond with the forest and wields earth magic.

Sarma – Resia’s mother and Zaide’s foster mother.

Sast – A fortress outpost on an island in the Ellean sea. Unfriendly to visitors. Little is known about the city.

Sendassian – (sin-das-see-an) – King of Amroch.

Shaman – The leader of the Desheni. Entrusted with the protection of the Captured Spring.

Shattered Lands – The western kingdoms destroyed by Gadranus.

Spectrum Blade – The fourth artifact. A legendary weapon said to be the only thing that can strike down the cursed knight Gadranus.

Tinith – (ten-nith) – A marketplace large enough to be its own city.

Tula – (too-lah) – An apprentice librarian at the Great Library in Jadora. Fancies herself an archaeologist and adventurer.

Valla – (vah-lah) – A high-ranking Jadoran guardswoman. One of Elsanna’s most trusted soldiers.

Verlin – Resia’s father and Zaide’s foster father.

Vale Hymnflute – One of the three artifacts. A set of wooden pan pipes that serves as anchor for Kolmar’s Vale magic. It bears power over earth and wind.

Vale magic – A spiritual shield that lays over Kolmar’s valley and protects the forest from evil.

Yithel – (yee-THEL) – A trade city along the river north of Amrochan.

Zaide – (zayd) – A broken-born refugee fostered in Kolmar after his mother’s death. Accidentally involved in helping the princess recover the artifacts and saving Amroch.