Spectrum Legacy

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Spectrum Blade
Paragon of Fire
Paragon of Water
Paragon of Light (Coming 2023)
Paragon of Shadow (Coming 2024)
Spectrum Legacy (Coming 2024)

Book One: Spectrum Blade

Finalist for the 2022 Richard Wright Literary Award

On the day of the Spring Choosing, Zaide stood ready to answer the call to arms and join the king’s army. Instead, he was pulled from the ranks to become a mage’s apprentice, despite bearing no magic in his blood.

One year later, with Zaide now ineligible for the draft, the scholar’s life he never wanted is shattered when his village is razed by monsters the Elder’s magic should have held at bay. As the Elder’s apprentice, his task is clear. He must seek an artifact in the forest’s temple and restore the power that protects his home—a power he can never touch alone.

But the temple is not what it seems, and his mission is complicated when he encounters a mysterious girl in the forest on a quest of her own: to claim the same artifact, and destroy the dark forces that threaten her homeland once and for all. An alliance would make things easy, but the artifact can only be wielded by one… against a coming storm that neither could imagine.

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Book Two: Paragon of Fire

Paragon of FireFinding the legendary sword was only the beginning.

The moment Zaide pulled the blade from the skull of an ancient enemy, a monstrous army marched on Amrochan, and until the blade’s magic is restored, nothing will stop the army’s advance.

Three Paragons bear the power to restore the Spectrum Blade to the unstoppable force it once was, and the librarian Tula knows just where to start. As the Paragon of Fire, the Magister in her home city of Jadora can aid them. But first, he must be reached—and for the first time, the desert city of Jadora is under attack.

With a blade not yet fully awakened, Zaide, Tula, and Lark must breach the city walls, find the Magister, and turn the tide of war before Amrochan falls.

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Book Three: Paragon of Water

Restoring the power to seal evil depends on one man. Evil may have reached him first.

For helping Zaide recover the artifact needed to access the Spectrum Blade, Andriun was labeled a traitor. Resigned to his fate, he now lives in exile, but Zaide and Lark need one more thing. The blessing of Andriun’s father, the Paragon of Water, is the final key to unlocking the ancient sword’s power. Only once the blade is restored can they confront their enemy and halt the Rise.

With Andriun’s banishment, Zaide sees little reason to trust the Paragon, especially when the mountains under the man’s protection now teem with the enemy’s monsters. He’s certain there’s another solution, but his confidence in that—and himself—is shaken when Andriun’s knowledge uncovers secrets Zaide never wished to know.

As these revelations threaten the foundation of their fledgling group, Lark is forced to take charge. She still believes Andriun can help them, but confronting the Paragon to learn where his allegiance lies could cost the only thing Andriun has left: his life.

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Book Four: Paragon of Light

Coming soon…