Westkings Heist Characters


The hero of the heist, also known as the Ghost of Orrad. Tahl is a little shorter than the Ithilean average, standing at around 5’8″, and has a slim and wiry athletic build. He has a warm olive complexion, green eyes, and black hair. Although he is a mage with a fire affinity, his incapability with magic resulted in him being expelled from the Academy by age 16. Now 17, he aspires to be the most exceptional thief ever seen in the Westkings.

After the events of To Steal the World, he bears a checkmark-shaped scar on his face, crossing the bridge of his nose and hooking under his right eye.


As Tahl’s self-appointed honorary younger sister, Nia is able to convince most people they’re actually related due to their similarity in coloration. Although she is considerably paler than Tahl, she has similarly green eyes and dark hair. Small for a 12-year-old, but this makes her nimble. She views Tahl as a mentor in addition to a family figure and relies on him for training, but she bears a fierce independent streak that results in her holding a number of odd jobs around the city. Niada’s most important role is that of being Tahl’s primary informant, collecting information from her various jobs to aid his decidedly less legal jobs.