Doll Information: Envesi

Name: Envesi
SoulDoll Paratiisi head on Soom SuperGem Nephelin body in Peony White
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Blue glass from Denver Doll Emporium
Wig: Leekeworld
Mods: Elf ears added to head.
Date of Arrival: Head September, 2018; body January 30, 2023
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Envesi is a SoulDoll Paratiisi head that has been modified to have elf ears. Her sad, yet arrogant expression struck me as perfect for the character. Although she was originally put on a FantasyDoll body, it has since been sold and she’s currently a bit of a work in progress, as her head requires modification to fit onto a newer body. The new body is a Soom SuperGem girl in Peony White, purchased in a split during the Nephelin rerelease.

The head and neck are currently incompatible, so there are no recent photos of the doll. The neck opening on the doll must be altered, and then it will need to be color matched to the new white body. The pink-white tone of the Peony White resin is especially beautiful and will be appropriate for this character’s very pale appearance, without being so stark white as to look deathly.

Although her wig and eyes are perfect, her wardrobe will need to be remade for the new size of body, and her faceup will have to be redone. These are currently planned as projects to happen some time in 2024.

Since she has long been a work in progress and has yet to reach a point where I am satisfied with her, there are fewer photos of her than of other dolls in my collection.

About the Character

Envesi is the Archmage of Kirban Temple and a secondary character found in the Snakesblood Saga. She is the most powerful and highest-ranking temple mage on Elenhiise island, despite originally being a mainlander, and the temple was founded at her behest to educate mages, as Elenhiise bears an unusual wealth of mage blood.

Her sole priority is preservation of magecraft, as she recognizes the power is slowly becoming extinct. Her dedication to her work leaves her with few friends, but she sees the end result of her goal as being worth a life alone, and she refuses to let personal attachments get in the way of her mission. Because of this single-minded focus, she is often taken as cold, a label that does not offend her in the least.

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