Doll Information: Firal

Name: Firal
Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe elf NS
Faceup: By me
Eyes: MakoEyes 16mm urethane, SA-009
Wig: Monique Gold “Pixie” in black
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: May 28, 2013
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Firal was part of my original plan of 3 dolls, expanding to 5 if I was able to find sculpts to suit two more characters. Clearly, I didn’t stick to that plan. Though she was supposed to be my second doll, she ended up being the fourth. (I no longer have the second.)

Like Rune, she’s a main character in my epic fantasy series, the Snakesblood Saga. She also appears in a handful of writing prompts I did in 2015, which can be found in the Short Stories archive.

I was initially wary of buying a Fairyland doll, as complaints about their quality control are common. I browsed a variety of other options, but elf ears were a must, and at that point I didn’t trust myself to create elf ears on my own. That meant my options were few, and since I needed her to be appropriately in scale compared to Rune, the choices were even slimmer. I eventually settled on Fairyland because of the elf ears. The face sculpt was a tossup between Chloe and Siean, but Chloe won out after comparison to concept drawings I’d done of the character.

I was delighted when she arrived with no issues, making my first purchase direct from Fairyland a pleasant one. The Feeple65 body has beautiful jointing and poses wonderfully. Her magnetic hands and feet also make it easy to dress her. She is difficult to stand, though, thrown off balance by the extreme S-curve posture she’s sculpted with. Being a large doll, she also comes with the curse of being hard to clothe, and it’s even more difficult to find shoes that fit her.

Though I’ve made several wigs for her, I like her current Monique Gold wig better than the ones I made. She has had two faceups. Her current faceup is done by me, though her first was a beautiful faceup by GarekiPhoenix, which was only removed due to damage.

I am her first owner, the doll purchased direct from Fairyland. She was produced before Fairyland issued Certificates of Authenticity with their dolls, so I kept a printed copy of her order information, just in case I need to replace damaged parts in the future. I initially ordered her without the sleeping faceplate, but in 2016 decided to purchase a sleeping faceplate second-hand through Den of Angels. This faceplate had minor damage that was corrected through sanding. She now has a variety of the F65 hands, as well as heel feet.

About the Character

Firal is one of the two main characters of my award-winning epic fantasy story, the Snakesblood Saga, alongside Rune.

Firal is a green-rank mage at Kirban Temple, a college specializing in magecraft. While most students are scouted for the temple or apply for admission once their power begins to manifest, Firal was raised there–a situation not unusual for the children of powerful mages whose stations might require frequent travel. However, Firal’s parents never returned from the line of duty, leaving her to wonder what became of them while she trains to become a teacher, herself. She pursues mastery of her craft knowing it will allow her to request access to the capital’s library, where records kept by the royal mages will reveal her parents’ fate.

She bears a powerful stubborn streak, which causes her to butt heads with many classmates. An insatiable curiosity about the ancient ruins that flank the temple grounds ultimately leads her to meet Rune. Despite the great friction between them, she cherishes the opportunity to teach someone, not only because of his ability to help her pursue answers for the questions she has about her own life.

Firal can be independent to a fault, but is driven with a need to aid those around her, perhaps fueled by her healing affinity.

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