Doll Information: Link

Name: Link
Lomi’s Playground Link on a body from Thingiverse
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Blue-gray urethane, made by me
Wig: Alpaca fiber, made by me
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: I don’t even know at this point, since I made him
Character is from: The Legend of Zelda

About the Doll

Link is, thus far, the only doll I’ve ever made that’s someone else’s creation entirely. I don’t remember why exactly I decided I needed a Link doll, but I definitely love Zelda games. When I started learning to digitally sculpt, I designed Link’s head and had him 3D printed in resin, along with a body from Thingiverse. He became a very long and slow customization project, but I eventually finished him right before Tears of the Kingdom was released.

In the end, I made everything but his boots. I love taking him out back to photograph on our patio, where me and my husband laid a Triforce symbol in the stones.

What can I say? We’re both nerds.

About the Character

This version of Link is specifically the Twilight Princess version, which is my personal favorite as far as design goes.

Favorite Photos