Doll Information: Lulu

Name: Lulu
Lu, or Lumia, which is her full name
Fairyland Littlefee Chloe NS
Faceup: By me
Eyes: MakoEyes 14mm urethane, AR-030
Wig: Jpopdolls Jojo in Black
Mods: Elf ears added
Date of Arrival: January 9, 2014
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Lulu was originally shelled in a ResinSoul Bei, but the body was much too slender to make her look like the toddler she was supposed to be. As a result, she was re-shelled into a Littlefee Chloe. As Chloe was not available with elf ears, I had to learn to do the modification on my own. This was my first modification project.

She was purchased directly from Fairyland and I am her first owner. She arrived with some defects and damage, but Fairyland was quick to address the issues and send me replacement parts. Her sleeping faceplate was purchased second-hand on Den of Angels.

Though we got off to a rocky start, she is one of my favorite dolls. The Littlefee body poses beautifully, making her a joy to work with. In the future, I plan to purchase other hands for her for a variety of poses.

About the Character

Lulu is a child who makes her first real appearance in the third book of the Snakesblood Saga, so her existence is a little bit of a spoiler. Basically anything else I say is spoilers, so quit reading here if that bothers you!

Lulu is Firal’s much-wanted daughter, born at the end of Serpent’s Tears. Due to being born with her magic already beginning to awaken, a rarity all but unheard of, she ages at a drastically reduced rate and is referred to by some as the Everchild. Her incredible connection to her Gift makes her a valuable asset that the temple mages are desperate to study, much to Firal’s chagrin.

Although still a toddler, her sweet, caring, and inquisitive personality is already clear.

Favorite Photos