Doll Information: Rhyllyn

Name: Rhyllyn
LaTiDoll Blue Rei Cristopher in NS on MyouDoll old style 1/4 boy in Normal Yellow, hybrid with ResinSoul Sui legs and custom-sculpted hands
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Blue urethane glow in the dark, made by me
Wig: Dyed alpaca fiber, made by me
Mods: Extensive hybridization work and custom-sculpted parts. Face unmodified.
Date of Arrival: Early 2018
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Rhyllyn was my grail I really thought I’d never get: LaTiDoll had discontinued the Blue line all the way back in 2012, just two years after I joined the hobby, and he was never a particularly popular sculpt. I was stunned when a friend sent me a link to one for sale, and I bought him immediately. He was on the muscle body, though, which didn’t suit the character; I later purchased a MyouDoll body, guesstimating that the Normal Yellow resin would be a good match. It ended up being perfect.

From there, I began further customization, purchasing some legs from ResinSoul that were meant for their Sui dragon sculpt. I custom-sculpted new forearms and hands, and cast those in resin at home. The legs did not fit, so I created custom thigh caps that also function as a mobility joint. The thigh caps were never particularly refined, so they’re still unpainted, but when is this doll ever undressed? No one will see them, so it doesn’t matter much.

About the Character

Rhyllyn is introduced halfway into the Snakesblood Saga series, a boy who is revealed to have suffered the same fate as Rune: His magic has become tainted, resulting in him bearing the same affliction of scales and claws.

Where the affliction was a curse for Rune, though, it became a blessing for Rhyllyn, a poor boy who was in desperate need of family. He became a younger brother figure to Rune, where he was able to flourish as a mage and express himself as a person without judgment from those who didn’t understand. He has a tender spirit and bears a passion for music, driving him to train as a bard. He greatly enjoys cooking, particularly baking, and can often be found in the kitchen. As tender-hearted as he is, he is prone to displays of emotion, but is unafraid to cry.

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