Doll Information: Rune

Name: Rune
Nicknames: Runey
Sculpt: Lomi’s Playground Rune on Iplehouse EID Super Hero body
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Ersa Flora 12mm resin/glass, custom design by me
Wig: Brown suri alpaca, handcrafted by me
Mods: SOOM Monzo legs modded to fit; Custom originally sculpted claw hands; Dyed resin. Facial mods to the original head were by GarekiPhoenix.
Date of Arrival: February 4, 2010
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Rune was my first doll. I saved for 16 months before I was able to afford him, at which point my parents surprised me by ordering him as a gift. He is my favorite of my resin crew, and has been a thorn in my side since he arrived.

Since he is on the original version of the EID body, he does not pose well and is difficult to clothe, making him my primary reason for learning to sew well.

His original head sculpt was a heavily modified Iplehouse Luo. Through the years he sustained some damage to his face, which was offset by extensive modifications performed by a dear friend who does exceptional work. His nose was heavily sanded and reshaped, and his chin and jawline altered. He also had additive modification to his face, filling the recesses in his cheeks to match the more youthful appearance his modified jaw gives him.

His current head sculpt was created by me, sculpted through a combination of digital and traditional sculpting and then cast in resin. He has both an open-eyed and a sleeping head.

As he is meant to be one of the main characters from my epic fantasy series, which begins with Serpent’s Mark, he has also received extensive fantasy modifications, such as altering limited SOOM Monzo leg parts to fit the Iplehouse knees, modifications to allow him to stand, an alternate pair of arms with custom elbow joints, and custom-sculpted four-fingered reptilian hands.

His ongoing customization project has been chronicled on my YouTube channel.

I am his first owner and he was purchased directly from Iplehouse. He has had two face-ups, the latter of which featured airbrushing to conceal his additive modifications.

He has several wigs in an assortment of materials. One made with faux fur, two made with heat resistant synthetic fibers, and three made from natural dark brown suri alpaca fleece. He also has several pairs of eyes, all with a vertically slitted pupil. One pair was made by me using LEDs, and the others–one red pair and one purple pair–are from Ersa Flora. Both pairs were designed by me and created to my custom specifications. They are urethane resin with glass domes. Both pairs glow in the dark.

Though he is my favorite, he is not perfect, and I expect to keep working on him for a long time.

About the Character

Rune is one of the two main characters in the Snakesblood Saga, my award-winning epic fantasy story. He shares the spotlight with Firal, and together, their story reshapes their world.

Rune is a free mage, unfettered by the elemental affinities that restricts the power of other mages, but such power comes at a price: his magic is corrupted, and it has resulted in his physical form being twisted by the raw, unrestricted power.  The corruption manifests in several ways, most notably being the scales and claws that adorn his arms and legs. Due to the unnatural creep of his power being halted by powerful mages, his scales terminate abruptly on his arms and legs, lending him the appearance of having been dipped in green. His eyes bear a slitted pupil like a beast’s, and like the free mages of history, his eyes both glow and can change color with how his power fluctuates. His blood, too, is tainted by corrupt magic, and as a result it resembles a thick black ichor when he bleeds.

He bears a fierce grudge against the mages of the Kirban temple, blaming them for the corruption of his power and, by association, his body. He struggles with his anger and his short fuse gives him very little patience, but he is not without qualities: he is fiercely loyal and bears a strong sense of justice, which drives him to use his wild magic to aid those he can.

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