Doll Information: Tahl

Name: Tahl
Lomi’s Playground Tahl in Tan on Doll Legend 61cm body
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Green urethane, made by me
Wig: Faux fur, made by me
Mods: Body was dyed tan from NS.
Date of Arrival: Body January 10, 2022, head cast summer 2023
Character is from: Westkings Heist

About the Doll

Tahl is my second cast resin doll head sculpt. I spent well over a year working on him and tried hard to find professional casters to take the job of molding and casting, but I was met with refusal or lack of response by every caster in Asia. I turned my sights to a smaller US-based startup caster after that, but our agreement fell apart after a health crisis on the caster’s end. Ultimately, I was left with nothing to do but acquire equipment to cast on my own.

Although I’d originally wanted an older Feeple60 muscular body for this doll, it proved unobtainable after searching for several years, and I wasn’t as fond of the updated body designs. As a close aesthetic second, I chose the Doll Legend 61cm boy body. His body was ordered from Doll Legend through Alice’s Collections, right before Doll Legend permanently closed. He arrived after a six-month wait and was just what I wanted, sculpting-wise, but the first step of customization was dyeing the doll to a cool tan. Overall, the doll body took dye very well. I cast a head on my own in tan resin, although my dye mix proved to be a bit warmer than the dye job. Oh well!

Remaining customization for this doll includes new eyes, a mohair wig, and a heist outfit to match the one described in his books.

Tahl is the first of my sculpts to be offered for sale.

About the Character

Tahl is the lead character in the Westkings Heist trilogy: To Steal the World, To Steal the Crown, and To Steal the Queen. He is a young thief of remarkable skill, in addition to be a mage of no particular power. His magical ability proved so feeble that he was expelled from the Mage Academy where his family had sent him for training–a fact he has yet to let them know. Since his ejection from the student body, he has excelled as a thief and made a name for himself on the capital city’s underbelly. His rise to fame is chronicled in the first book in his series.

Tahl is an acrobat and a free spirit, who sees impossible tasks as a challenge just waiting to be overcome. He prefers unorthodox methods and constant experimentation, and his primary pursuit in life is the next big challenge that might give him a bit of fun. Although good at playing things cool, he is prone to moments of internal panic whenever things go wrong. The only person who sees these spells clearly is Niada, his honorary younger sister, a fledgling thief he took under his wing… partially because her odd jobs around the city put her in a position to be an exceptional informant.

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