To Steal the World

Not that long ago, I mentioned a new series of fantasy novellas that would be set in my primary story world. These happen around the same time as my Snakesblood Saga, too, but in a different region. To the west of where that dramatic story unfolds is a landmass known as the Westkings, a continent almost as neatly divided as the two kingdoms that control it. This is where our new hero is found.

I spent two whole weeks thinking about what to say about this series, but I think I already covered a lot of the basics. It’ll be a series of three novellas following Tahl, an ambitious thief with a love of challenges, who wants nothing more than to take refuge under the thieves’ guild’s protective wing. If only winning membership were so easy.

The first Westkings Heist novella, To Steal the World, is coming out in January of 2020. Even better, the next book in the series will be available for preorder the same day. They’re fun little adventure romps in a rich fantasy world I’ve been building for the past two decades, so I can’t wait for them to hit the virtual shelves. Due to the length, they’ll be available in digital format only.

I’ll be sharing some tidbits about the story world, the characters, and the inspiration behind all of it later on. For now, I’ll leave you with the book’s cover. I’m so excited to share this story with you!

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