Playing with book spreads

I can’t be the only one who sees books laid out all aesthetically on Instagram and wants that for my books, too.

Well, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself, right?

I spent some time playing with book layouts and spreads for Instagram, using some stuff I was reading, and discovering that photographing a tablet or phone (when most of your reading is ebooks, these days) has a whole lot of challenges.

Definitely tough. Generally okay, but also lacking anything to make it really pop or stand out as uniquely mine.

My own books had the same issues. Trouble photographing tablets. Trouble making it stand out.

But then, while cleaning out a drawer in my studio desk to make room for new ribbon and sewing trim,  I had a whole stack of interesting papers left over from planner customization projects. If I could just combine those with a few things to add some extra visual interest…

Eventually, I decided to try a handful of things that I felt suited me. Trinkets I liked, that would add a little bit of myself to the image, aside from the fact the books I wrote were front and center. I set up better lighting, and used paper to make backdrops. I scattered my collection of keys and some of my dice around the books, my Nook, or the little Cruz tablet I use for an ereader. I was still missing some things that would help cement the notion of fantasy, though. What better for that than some crowns and a knife?

Finally! Progress. I added the custom mug my sister had made for me (which I LOVE) and finally, it started to seem like things were coming together.

I’m still working on getting everything just right, but it’s a definite improvement, wouldn’t you say?

And of course, if you want to see more of these images, you can always check out my author Instagram! Between these and my favorite lines from my books, I’ve got something going up every few days…

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