Creating book heroes, part two: Tula

I’ve officially started writing the first book in my new series, and so far, I’ve found working on artwork to go with the book to be helpful. Not just as a way to unwind, but to help me establish a clear visual of the characters before they appear on the page. I’ll be starting a larger project with these characters, making dolls into all of them, but right now I’m trying to focus on the art for the major characters.

Right now, my goal is to have artwork for all the important characters who appear in the first book before I finish writing it. If I can get the whole major cast done, even better–but I’m starting with the party, first. I already shared art of the main character, Zaide, and he appeared alongside his friend and companion Resia. This time, I’m sharing Tula, one of the first important players Zaide meets on his quest.

Tula from Spectrum Blade

In this video, instead of just sharing the art process, I spent a little time talking about the project, the paints I used, and shared a bit about the character, too!

You can see the video here:

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