Editing and rewriting definitely counts as writing. Unfortunately, they count better when I remember to count them.

I’ve been editing Serpent’s Tears every day for the past week. Some days I’ve made great progress, and other days–like today–it’s been more of a struggle. Still, I’m moving forward at a steady rate. The book has grown some more; it’s just over 96,500 words right now and I’m not even to the parts that need large chunks of content added back in. I was initially a little worried about trying to fit in all the content I cut, but whatever. It’ll be around 100,000 words at least, and I like long books. Long books are good.

But while I’ve been editing, I’ve forgotten to track what I was editing.


I usually write down a number of pages, or which chapters I completed. This past week, I was busy enough that I forgot to do that at all. So when I opened my planner to see what I’d done, I had one day where I remembered to write I’d completely rewritten 5 pages. And then the rest of the week was blank.

I filled it in with line after line that just said “editing” but hopefully, I’ll remember to write down what I’m actually accomplishing.

So I don’t have an exact word count or page count to share this week. What I can say is that I’m almost a third of the way through the book now. I’m sitting at page 95 of 320, which is up a good bit from the page count I had prior–both in pages edited, and total pages. It was somewhere just over 300 when I started, if I remember right. I could be wrong.

Anyway, that’s it for writing updates. I’m still editing, and I hope to finish editing by mid-February like I originally planned, but I’ll give myself as long as the end of the month since we have so much going on. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, but I’m still just doing my best.

Since there’s nothing else to say about writing for the moment, here’s some art:

Mossy Ruins

This one was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest and forgot to save. It had mossy rocks, a foggy background, and a tree curling over the top part of the picture. I tried to paint what I remembered of it, but also added in some walls from the ruins, which are a focal point in the book I’m editing now.

It’s a tiny painting, 5×7 inches, but it was a fun and restful evening while I was sick. It also turned out way better than the painting I’ve been working on that’s sitting on my desk, where I am repainting large sections as I can. I’m overdue to finish yet another painting, which is sitting on my easel, but it’s been giving me trouble, too. It could be that I’m trying to expand what I do in each picture a little too fast. But I’ll figure it out, and even if it doesn’t turn out great, I’ll share something. Even if it’s not remarkable, it may just mean it’s a picture destined to be painted over.

That’s it for today, though. I’ve got to get back to packing.

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