Mapping Orrad, capital of the southern Westkings Empire

I love maps, okay? Fantasy maps are something I just absolutely adore. I always knew I wanted maps in my books. I always figured they’d be world maps. Then To Steal the World came along.

I knew the map for that series would be a little different. The tale takes place entirely within one city, which meant a map of the world was cool and all… but not really important. So instead of the world, I decided to do something crazy and map the city instead.

Cartography is not one of my strong suits, fantasy or otherwise, so I had to make the most of tools available to me. In the end, I surprised myself with how tickled I was with the end result.

A map of Orrad, the capital of the southern Westkings Empire

I’d planned on putting a more polished, professional map in the ebook, but I think I’m going to use this one instead. I certainly hadn’t planned on making the map look like it had been stuck in Tahl’s pocket, but that’s the way it just naturally went while I was working. While I’m not totally sold on the uniformity of the river–I think I’d like it better if it looked more hand-drawn–I don’t know if I’ll revisit it or if this will just have to be good enough. It seems like a natural addition, though, and I’m excited to see bits and pieces of the book coming together. Once the chapter headers are complete, the story should be edited and it’ll be on to the next challenge: Formatting!

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