A year’s accomplishments

I didn’t publish any books this year. Without any new titles to show, it’s hard to feel like I made real forward progress, but I did accomplish a lot. Especially considering the extra surprises life threw my way this year.

When we went into 2019, I  had the vague notion that we were putting our house up for sale and we might be moving. I didn’t have any way to know that we’d be moving to a fixer-upper dream house at the end of February, that we’d be selling our cozy and beloved starter home a year later, or that we’d have continual problems with water leaks in the new place.

In May, I shared a post about changing my writing plans for 2019. With all the hurdles we had to cross, it was still ambitious, but I did my best to make a more realistic plan. So it was sort of neat to open my planner to that calendar page this week and see I’d managed to do it all.

My 2019 writing plan
The year’s plan consisted of rewriting 5 books in my upcoming epic fantasy series, writing two new novellas, and editing one of those novellas. All of that is done, and I’m on to the final edits for the second novella, so it’ll be ready to roll out in the first quarter of 2020.

While I was at it, I also managed to find the time to re-edit and update the formatting for two other existing novellas, Gale’s Gift and Of Blood and Rain. So while nothing new went out, I spent a lot of time laying a strong foundation for 2020. I’ll share some more about what’s coming in 2020 after the year actually starts, but I have a lot underway and a lot of things slowly coming to fruition, so I’m excited to make it happen. My first piece of news comes next week, and then the rest of my announcements and plans will follow in early January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your year be as productive as I hope mine will be!

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