A list of goals for January

I’d originally thought I’d write about this early in the month, but the holidays were rather off-kilter and I ended up being a little behind on everything. Hopefully this year will be better balanced from beginning to end.

Last week, I mentioned my list of goals for the year. They’re big when written down as one lump achievement, but easier to address when breaking things down on a month-by-month basis. I figured this month would be the hard one, since it’s me getting into the swing of work after several weeks of no school and no set schedule. We’re already halfway in, but it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. I’d plan small tasks moving me toward my yearly goals, and honestly, most of what I wanted to do this month is already done.

Here are my tasks, along with a little breakdown of where I am on them right now. I plan to check in at the beginning of each month from here out, sharing my goals for the month and what I accomplished off the previous month’s list.

Goal #1 is publishing.

Publish To Steal the World: Check.
While the book won’t officially be out until January 26, the book is done, uploaded, and it’s actually already up for preorder. 😉 Since I’ve already done all the work required to make this happen, I’ve marked it off.

Finish Serpent’s Blood revisions and prep to send for editing: Check.
I actually wrote down this goal before the end of 2019, and I finished this at the very end of December. I didn’t expect to be marking off 2020 goals before 2020 started, but I won’t complain.

Edit and format To Steal the Crown: Check.
This didn’t take near as much time as I expected it would, which I’ll take as a good thing. I finished formatting last week, and like with TSW, this one’s ready to go and does not need to be touched again.

So basically, all my January tasks for goal #1 are already done! That was suspiciously easy…

Goal #2 is completing all renovations and repairs on the house.

This one’s a little tougher, because some of it doesn’t depend on me…

All boxes unpacked: Check.
With the exception of stuff that stays in storage in the attic, we finally unpacked the last few things, meaning all our stuff is officially where it belongs. Until I decide to move it again when I rearrange stuff.

Clean and organize the library: Check.
There are a lot of empty shelves and I need some more attractive storage options for some stuff that’s currently just piled on shelves instead of being in pretty baskets or something, but my library loft looks super nice. We even pitched a tent up there for the munchkin to use as her private reading hideout.

Organize my closet: Check.
I didn’t think that one would be challenging, but the closet we have now is practically the size of my studio at the old house. You could definitely stick a bed in there and call it another room. Wild! It’s tidy and the floor is totally clear, so since you can find everything and walk around easily, I’m not going to worry about the Halloween costumes hanging in there, too. I mean, it’s a good place for them.

Finish the kitchen: Unfinished.
Here’s the hard one. Right before Christmas, our brand new dishwasher malfunctioned, flooded the kitchen and dining room, and ruined the flooring. I’ve been without flooring since then, but we’re buried in paperwork trying to get the dishwasher manufacturer to take responsibility for their defective product and make them replace the floor. We’re still waiting for a contractor to get out here, but hopefully that will be this week, and while I HOPE we’ll have a new floor by the end of the month, I’m not holding my breath. So the list of what I can do here is considerably shorter: I need to primer and paint the woodwork. I hope to primer this week and paint next week. The flooring… well, hopefully it’ll be done in a timely fashion.

Then there’s goal 3, which is the hardest to quantify and track…

Goal #3 is working to improve my health without sacrificing my work.

Gosh, how to set tasks for this one? I didn’t–I figured this would be easier to just monitor and review at the end of the month to see where my main sources of stress are, then work to eliminate them. I’ve made a goal of being sure to exercise 3 times a week at least, and I seem to be doing okay on that front. I also tried making it a goal to take one night off from work and just sit and read or play a game or just hang out, but so far, that’s causing me more stress than it’s reducing, so I’m not sure that will work for me long-term. I’ll take stock at the end of the month. For the moment, the biggest target I have in relation to this goal is taking a personal day to do stuff like shop for the year’s clothes and maybe get a drink at a cafe or something while Eevee’s at school. I’m planning that one for next week, mostly because I have coupons to use while I’m out that are only good in that time frame. 😛

So really, I only have two things left to do this month to stay on-target for what I want to achieve this year.

I have other goals that I haven’t quite figured out yet, like determining what I’m doing with my doll projects and YouTube videos, but I do intend to start sharing more of that stuff in blog posts just because it’s so much easier for me to have everything in one place. Maybe I’ll start next week, when I should have a new sewing pattern to share… we’ll see.

What are your goals for the first month of the year?

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