Tea review: Adagio Fandom Blends Second Breakfast tea

This was one of the teas that taunted me from the cabinet while I was finishing my aligner course and couldn’t have hot drinks. It smelled so good, yet I couldn’t find a chance to drink it. Now, well…

Adagio fandom teas

I’ve been enchanted with the idea of Adagio’s Fandom Tea offerings for a while. I won’t lie, I’ve been tempted to create some to go along with my own books, because what could be better than sharing a cup of a character’s favorite tea? (Spoiler alert: Rune prefers tea over coffee. Unexpected, perhaps.)

Regardless, the Second Breakfast sample tin my friend Jess sent me (along with her copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife) was my first foray into actually drinking one of these fandom blends, and this tea… my goodness, this tea has become one of my favorites.

It’s a magnificent mix of sweet apples and cream, a hint of orange, a taste of vanilla, and just enough chai spice to add warmth. It’s a combination of green and black tea, which creates visual interest, but also produces a lighter brew that’s best made at a lower temperature. It re-steeps okay once, but that’s it–a second breakfast might be a necessity, but a second brewing will not be quite as flavorful.

Even so, that first cup is an excellent addition to my morning and I’ve found myself enjoying it all week. I’ll be out soon, so I might have to order myself a bigger bag of this one.

Have you tried any fandom blends before? What about making them? I’m dying to try it, but I’m hesitant, too!

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