Story timeline: When do these books happen, anyway?

Someone recently asked  how the books in the Westkings Heist series line up with the books in the Snakesblood Saga, since they take place in the same world. Since it only takes a few minutes to explain, I decided to do so! Maybe later, I can make some cool graphics or some kind of interactive chart that I can connect to all my books. As a bonus, I’ve thrown Gale’s Gift in here, since that also takes place in the same world… and I included a couple shorts, too.

Stories in chronological order:

Serpent’s Mark
Serpent’s Tears
Gale’s Gift
Serpent’s Bane
To Steal the World
Serpent’s Wake
Westkings short 1: Never Lost
To Steal the Crown
Snakesblood novella: The City of Arches
Westkings short 2 (coming later this month! ;D )
To Steal the Queen
Serpent’s Crown
Serpent’s Blood

…and that’s it for the moment.

There are actually a few other stories that will fit into this timeline, but that’s not important right now and may not be important until well into next year, when it’s time for those books to be talked about. I think this answers the question that was asked, so I’ll leave it at this for the moment.

Hopefully that second Westkings short will be up next week. Gotta squeeze it in before book 3 drops!

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