Tea review: Adagio Zodiac blends Aquarius

So this pretty little tin was a nice treat, a special mix for my birth month, offered free with my order. I’m usually pretty ambivalent toward zodiac stuff, because I don’t really buy into astrology, and on top of that, anything Aquarius usually doesn’t suit me at all. Love the aesthetic of constellations, meh about all the astrology that goes with it. But today’s my birthday, so it seemed like a good idea to share it today.

So I wasn’t sure I’d like this tea, since I usually don’t like Aquarius stuff. But the list of ingredients, with hazelnut and vanilla, cocoa nibs and cornflowers, seemed intriguing.

The mellow, warm, and grounding nuttiness of this tea was a delight and I liked it plain a lot more than I expected I would. The hazelnut and cocoa flavors dominate when served black, while sugar and milk makes the cocoa and vanilla flavors a little more pronounced. It was a surprisingly earthhy blend and not at all what I would have expected for the usual Aquarius aesthetic, but I found it extremely enjoyable, especially on the chilly, rainy day I chose as a time to sample this tea.

This one’s definitely a keeper, so I’m glad I’ve got a nice little tin of it to last me through the rest of the winter months.
Plus, it’s pretty, and who doesn’t like that?

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