Making book stamps because why not

Either the best or worst thing about being an author is I’m blessed–or doomed–to be the #1 biggest fangirl of the stories I write. Needless to say, when combined with my penchant for crafts, this becomes dangerous.

I like book stuff. Swag. Bookmarks, stickers, decals, notebooks, postcards, jewelry, charms, pins. I want all that stuff, but with my books and characters all over them, because why not?

Why not? has become exactly why I say the crafts are dangerous. I can make a lot of this stuff happen from the comfort of my own home, because I used to work at Michaels and my craft room is apparently the envy of a large number of people. Not only because I have it, but because it’s stocked with good stuff. The expensive glues. The ultra-fine glitter. Drawer after drawer of ribbon.

Not everything in my studio gets used with regularity, though, and I’ve been working on remedying that. One of the tools that goes woefully underused is my Silhouette Mint, partly because the refills for this little stamp maker are awfully expensive. Seriously; I just bought five stamp kits that encompass just the three smallest sizes, and it ended up costing forty bucks. That’s cheap as far as custom stamps go, but very expensive as far as crafts go.

Even so, I had an itch to make something easy, felt I had earned it after a hard year, and also had yet another idea for book-related goodies for my self-fangirling self.

So I made stamps.

I took some of the chapter header icons I’d drawn for some of the Snakesblood books and made them into these little self-inking stamps that I could use in my planner, because I’m always looking for new ways to include color and images, and stickers only get me so far. Since I’ve got the seven-pointed star from the first book on the cover of my planner I’ve been using for Q1, I figured the icons would be a nice addition.

The hardest part has been deciding what colors of ink to use for the stamps. They can be re-inked with another color later, but they’re good for thirty to fifty stampings once inked and I don’t see myself using them up quickly. Ilmenhith’s star will obviously be blue, and while I considered green for the maze from book 2, I thought a more sedate black would work better for that design.

Rune’s colors are very clearly always going to be purple and green (much as he hates the latter) so using purple for the stamp of his sword from book 4 seemed like a good choice. I still plan to make a stamp of his rune-stone icon from book 3, and I’ll probably go with green for that one. I don’t actually have all that many colors of ink, but the seven I have are plenty, even if they’re not enough to get through all the icons, considering book 4 had so many!

The first few stampings after it’s inked always look kind of horrible, and I’m never patient enough to wait for a good clean stamping to put on the cap, but a messy stamping is enough for me to see what they are, so that’s fine. I guess one of the next things I need to do is find a container to store all my little stamps in, and 3D print a few mount blocks so they’re easier to use. I use a super thin, very smooth Japanese A5 paper for my planner pages most of the time, and I have to say the stamps work on it beautifully, so I’d say this little bookish craft project worked out well in the end…

Now I just have to mint all the other icons.

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