Getting back to Spectrum Blade

As work on Serpent’s Blood (Snakesblood Saga #6) comes to an end, I’m back to my poor on-again, off-again project. The last Snakesblood book is up for preorder, so all I can do is wait–and get back to writing.

My goal for this month is to get 30,000 words added to Spectrum Blade. I hope to finish the book by summer, and if I can manage to fit in an hour of writing each day, I should be able to get there. I still hope to get it published this year.

To some extent, publishing Spectrum Blade will be a really different experience for me. I wrote all six Snakesblood books long before the first reached publication, which meant I had the awesome opportunity to go back and work long-running plot threads in a little more gracefully than if I’d written and published one book at a time. It also meant I had more wiggle room if I veered off my outline, which I usually do a few chapters in.

But once the Spectrum Legacy books start going out, they’ll be going out before the next book is written, and I’ll have less time and leeway to fix issues as I go along. It’s a little intimidating, but it’s how most authors work. As much as I’d love to be able to write all six Spectrum titles ahead of time like I did with Snakesblood, that would mean not publishing any books at all for the next two to three years, and I don’t feel like that’s an ideal experience for my readers.

If I’m wrong, of course, you’re welcome to tell me. I definitely appreciate reader feedback as I move forward. There are benefits to doing it both ways, and sometimes being in charge of your own work means making tough decisions over what’s best.

For right now, assuming Spectrum Blade will go in for editing as soon as it’s done and not be shelved while the rest of the series gets written, it looks like the release date will land somewhere around October. Unlike with the Snakesblood books, I’m not setting hard release dates a long way ahead of time. I’ll write as I can, finish the books when I can, and get them out as time allows. Well, time and budget–independent publishing is incredibly expensive, and I’m not one of those wealthy full-time authors just yet!

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