Drawing a sticker for Zaide

During 2021, my husband indulged in what me and my friends have been referring to as The Tableting, Part 3. Now and then, he goes through phases of wanting a new art tablet and ends up trying… uh, a lot of different options before he finally settles on one. This time, the winner was an iPad Air. Honestly, I never see him use it, but I finally got around to borrowing it from him, and I greatly enjoyed doodling on it.

I also enjoyed that it saved a time lapse video of the process, which I’ll drop at the bottom of this post for you to see.

I hadn’t drawn in a long time… I think the last thing I’d drawn was a sticker sheet for Tahl when his books went into paperback format. So it took a bit for me to shake off the rust, but it was still fun. I really enjoy doing little stickers like this as a bonus for anyone who preorders the paperback editions, so I look forward to sending these along as the paperbacks for Spectrum Blade go out this month. I found Procreate a lot easier to use than Clip Studio Paint, so maybe I’ll stick to it for the rest of the chibis I want to draw to go with this series. Tula will be next.

Now for that video:

Whatcha think? How did I do?

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