Preptober Freebie: Word count tracker printable pages

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve won the past couple times I participated in NaNo events, but it didn’t work out for my calendar this year.

That said, one thing I found that I loved last year was a free printable word count tracker arranged into bars representing 1,000 words. Each square was 100 words, and I could use a highlighter to easily fill it in. I love tangible media and like to keep track of projects in a planner, so having that printable not only let me keep track of my writing progress in a way that felt really good for me, but let me track what editing needed to be done, because I could check off each section as I went along!

There were only two problems. One, the tracker was only set up for NaNo. Only made for 50,000 words, and my books are almost all longer than that.

Two, when I went to get it this year because I was using a different computer and was ready to start planning my next project, it was gone.

So I made my own. This word count tracker is set up for 5.5×8.5 pages, which fit well in my A5 planner and get along well with my printer, and one side of the page has space for hole punching. It’s also done in a way that allows me to print as many pages as necessary for my books, because come on–I write epic fantasy. A lot of these books need at least 3 pages.

Since it’s optimized for half a regular page of paper, you can scale it up and down easily, and you can also print it landscape style and make your own folded booklet of tracked words.

It also comes in two flavors, one with a script header and one with a strong serif header. More feminine and more masculine. More delicate and more adventurous. So you can pick whichever one suits your writing project better. Pretty neat, right?

Click here to download the printable PDF of the script header version.

Click here to download the printable PDF of the serif header version.

Happy writing!

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