How much writing or editing can I do in the span of time it takes me to do this?

As I work on the cover for the last Snakesblood book, and the deadline looms dangerously near with neither the cover art nor the editing completed, that same thought keeps coming to mind.

I enjoy making my own covers. I have fun doing layouts and sketching ideas. I can do stock manipulation and original art, and I practice my work with typography when I have time to spare. But every time I sit down to do a cover illustration–what I prefer for fantasy titles, of course–I can’t help but think about how much harder it is to get things done when I’m doing it all.

For the next series, though, I won’t.

With how scarce my work time has become during the course of the pandemic, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to fit in everything I need to do. As I pare more and more things out of my schedule and leave myself just the bare bones of what I long to accomplish, a couple things need to go by the wayside. One of those is doing my own original art for my covers. So instead, that’s going to become one of the production elements that finally gets turned over to someone else.

I’ve contacted some artists, gotten some quotes, and started sketching ideas of what I want on the covers of the next series I’ll be publishing. They’ll be more simple than what I’ve done for myself, and I’m not totally sold on my concepts just yet.

But they’re a start, and as I develop what I want a little further and work it out with my artist, it’ll come together.

Next week, with fortune, I’ll have the cover for Serpent’s Blood ready to share, but right now… well, there’s a reason I’m needing to outsource.

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