Tea review: Tea is for Texas Top O’ the Morning Irish Breakfast tea

The morning after Easter, I found myself too groggy to get going. Most mornings, I have an idea of what I want to start my day with. Mellow and spicy? Fruity and bright? Hints of chocolate? Herbal? That morning, all I really wanted was to be awake.

Instead of picking, I jammed my hand down into the big bin of teas that lives in my cabinet, because I don’t have room on my shelves for my whole collection. The first thing I pulled out? Vanilla sleepytime tea. Hard pass. I went fishing again. Second try? Top O’ the Morning Irish Breakfast from Independence Coffee Company’s tea line.

That’ll do.

Irish breakfast teas are characteristically pretty punchy. Not quite as strong as the Assam that typically serves as a base would be on its own, but it steeps fast and steeps dark, which means keeping it from brewing bitter is always a challenge. I always brew a little cooler and a little shorter than what’s recommended for black teas because I have such a strong preference for sweet teas, and that practice definitely worked well for this blend.

It’s a pretty standard Irish breakfast, a strong, malty mix with a smooth flavor that offers a nice wake-up call. And like most breakfast teas, I find they’re a little too much served as plain black tea, but mellow nicely with milk and sugar, which is my preferred way to take most teas. It’s a basic blend, but good, and it’ll make a nice “tough morning” replacement for my favorite morning Assam Gold since that company disappeared a few years ago. Good stuff!

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