Cover reveal: The Spymaster’s Prize

New year, new cover? It’s not the way the year usually starts, but it’s how we’re starting this time!

Here’s your first look at The Spymaster’s Prize, the second Artisan Magic book and another stand-alone story that can be read all by itself…

Ta-da! This installment in the series will be finished in a couple weeks, but I’m doing things differently this year, so here are a few things to know…

• This time, the book’s not going up for preorder. I’ve had a lot of health issues pop up in the last few months, so I need a lot of flexibility and setting hard deadlines for books isn’t doable this time around. Instead, the book will just launch the moment it’s ready, and I’ll let you know when it happens.

• This installment follows Elia, Thea’s sweet cousin who we met in The Assassin’s Bride. She may be feistier than you’d expect, and if you think the book’s title gives you hints as to what the story is about, you may be in for a few surprises!

• Yes, Thea and Gil will be making an appearance, so if you want to know what became of them after The Assassin’s Bride, you’ll be able to find out. 😉

• Some things you can look forward to in this one are grumpy/sunshine characters, forced proximity, and as you probably guessed, a good bit of mystery-solving. There’s action and combat in the first chapter, but sorry, spice lovers… I’m sticking with clean/sweet fantasy for this series!

I’ll have more information to share as we get closer to time for the book’s release, but it’ll show up some time in Q1, since it takes place in winter and I’d love to see it out when there’s still the potential for snow on the ground.

Stay tuned!

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