178 Days

After the struggle to find writing time last year, I sat down with a different plan in mind for this year: I printed out a calendar, and the first thing I did was mark out every day I knew I wouldn’t likely be able to write. Holidays went first. Then weekends, because those always fill up with other things. Birthdays. Spring break. An estimated week for fall break. Thanksgiving. And then, the one that hurt the most, summer.

I’ve talked about how I’ll be planning this year in a way that will minimize stress and frustration for health reasons, but at the end of marking everything, the result was disheartening. A maximum of 178 days to use for writing, and that’s assuming nothing else ever comes up and nobody ever gets sick.

I should probably drop the estimate to 150 days, but for now, I’ll hold to what I can and try to plan with buffers for each writing project. The goal is to complete and publish 4 books this year. I only got 3 out in 2022, so this seems like a bit of a lofty challenge. But that said, two of those books were Spectrum Legacy titles, which are pretty beefy, and this year, two of the books on the table are considerably shorter.

The basic order of events should hopefully be this:

The Spymaster’s Prize in Q1
Paragon of Light in Q2
A third Artisan Magic book in Q3
Paragon of Shadow in Q4

Will it happen? I guess we’ll see, but this is what we’re hoping for. The Spymaster’s Prize is crawling past the midpoint with a goal of being done at the end of this month, but between doctor appointments and unexpected events, it may creep over into February before it’s finished. On the plus side, edits will be quick and easy and the cover is ready and revealed, so the book will be able to launch fast.

Will blocking out huge sections of the year work to help reduce the stress of my workload? I guess we’ll find out, and I’ll do a summary of how it’s going toward the end of the month.

A little different from my usual yearly plans, but variety keeps things fresh, right?

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