Tea review: Peaches and Flowers by Independence Coffee Company

So let me start by saying this: me and peaches don’t get along. I like the idea of peaches. I like the smell of peaches. And if you like the smell of peaches, wow, you’re going to love the way this smells the moment you open the package. The concept of peaches is nice. The flavor of peaches… unfortunately, doesn’t always get along with me.

The sunflowers are an exciting pop of color in the mix, and I love that! Unfortunately, it’s too peachy for my tummy, so I couldn’t drink much before it didn’t get along with me anymore.

Despite that, I still have nice things to say about this, and good, since honestly, drinking peach flavored tea when I know peaches upset my stomach is not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But like I said, it smelled good, it looked good. I wanted to know.

This tea is a really great blend, where the peach is super strong in fragrance, robust in the first sip, and strong in the aftertaste. It’s smooth, has a juicy quality to the flavor that I haven’t experienced in a lot of teas, and the fragrance is absolutely heavenly!

The brew is really golden and the sweetness is intense, so this needs nothing to be delicious. I could imagine it being great with milk added, it would probably take on a peaches and cream type flavor? But I couldn’t hang in there that long, so I don’t know for sure.

So, if you like peaches, you’re going to adore this. It’s bright. It’s colorful. It’s super peachy, really rich peach flavor. It’s just not for me, and honestly? I’m kinda sad, because as far as peach things go, this is really, really nice.

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