Doll Information: Kid Firal

Name: Firal (Kid version) OR Lulu (Big version)
Kid Firal, Little Firal, Baby Firal, Big Lulu
Fairyland Minifee Chloe
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Brown acrylic made by Eevee for Little Firal, purple acrylic made by Eevee for Big Lulu
Wig: Monique Gold Pixie in Off Black
Mods: Elf ears added.
Date of Arrival: March 25, 2021
Character is from: Snakesblood Saga

About the Doll

Little Firal (or Big Lulu, depending on what photos I’m taking) is an A-line Minifee girl with cutie legs and the small bust. Since Minifee Chloe was limited as an elf, she has been modified to have elf ears like the other Chloes in my collection.

She has two additional heads that have not been modified or painted; a second open-eyed head that will be painted with a different expression, and a sleeping head. Although both heads were purchased in a split from DDE not long after the doll made her arrival, I’ve not had time to devote to their modification and faceups just yet. Right now, finishing those two heads is a planned project for 2024.

About the Character

This doll pulls double-duty depending on what’s needed. Since Firal and Lulu are both Fairyland Chloe dolls, this is a perfect in-between step to either have a child version of Firal or an older version of Lulu. More information can be found in either of those characters’ pages.

Favorite Photos